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The best conversations are co-authored.

I believe design is one side of a conversation caught in time. Sort of like recording a response to a question. Design can reflect an era, brand, fashion, attitude, philosophy, location, or ideas of things yet to be.

As such, design remains a work in progress. At some point, the design must stop and a commitment is made, just like a statement. Theoretically, there's always room for improvement, to keep the conversation going. Knowing when to stop and still have a solution, is an important challenge for every designer.

This site is a representation of assignments I've designed over the years, some of which were published and others that were speculative. Work that is proprietary cannot be shared, so this is a public sampling.

Thanks for taking a look.

prtrait of Henry, a golden retreiver

Recent portrait
This was a 13 x 19 chalk pastel on archival paper I did for a friend as a memorial. This regal Golden was named Henry.

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