Description for popup_citistars.html- Citi stars logos.

Citi stars internal recognition program series of logos. Visual theme is of course stars general approach was to create single stroke icons (all the outlines are the same general weight)

1) Team Award = 5 point star expanded so the inner points are not as deep. Three hands come in from the outer edge at the wrist, so the effect is three hands resting on top of each other with their fingers slightly spread. The hands come in from 10 o'clock, 2 o'clock and 6 o'clock to form a Y shape on top of the star.

2) Chairman's Leadership Award = This was an evolution from a previous logo for Chairman's Leadership Award which created a roman column with 6 vertical lines and a single squiggle line across the top creating a Roman Ionic cap. To adapt this, a five point star was placed on top of this column for the program.

3) Quality Award = Large capital letter Q in outline form which creates an inner circle and outer circle with the strokes. Within the inner circle is a star. This creates the effect of a Target. An arrow enters from the upper left at the same angle as the tail of the Q in the bottom right.

4) Community Award. A large Heart is surrounded by three stars formed in a semi-circle in front of the heart. They are joined at the points to look like they are holding hands and surrounding the heart.

5) Service Years (years with the company) A series of numbers 1 through 30 each with a star placed prominantly within the larger number.

6) Citi Stars program logo = simply an arch of seven small stars connected at points. The arch is the same path as the Citi signature arch.

7) Innovation Award = A shooting 5 point star with 4 lines traveling up from a baseline converging slightly at the top with the star slightly askew

8) Star player = A five point star appears to be dancing with each point slightly flexible and each "arm" holding a small star like pom-poms