Description for popup_cc07.html- Creative Change logo.

1) Extra Bold black sans serif Capital C followed by a single stroke script letter C butted up to the bottom stroke of the bold C. The script C is on an italic angle to the right. At the begining of the script C is an orange sphere, slightly larger than width of the stroke. The effect is that the C is created by the swoosh of the sphere. Beneath this logo mark are the words Creative in regular weight sans serif Futura followed by Change in Extra Bold. This creates a logo that is playful, by using different weights of type and ligature which accent the individual words "creatively."

I would have been remiss if I'd not created a logo with a swoosh of some sort during the start of the era. One web site chronicled upwards of 100 logos with various eliptical, orbiting type of swooshes back in the day. This logo *has* lasted 11 years however (smile).