Description for popup_gima03.html- GimaSport logo.

1) Caligraphic stroke oval on an approximate 60° angle left to the right. Stroke begins thin and widens on it's decscent, then ending thin. It starts at one o'clock on a clock face, in an oval arc to 8 o'clock and swoops back up to 2 o'clock, so that the oval is not fully connected. This almost looks like the letter U skewed to an italic or oblique angle. At the center of this angled oval, another short stroke starts in the middle of the oval shape and ends at 1 o'clock, half the length of the stroke outside the oval shape. This stroke is like a comet shape with the round thick center and a tail that trails behind it. The effect is the letter G created by the two simple main shapes of an oval and cross bar. The angle and the comet like shape surrounded by the semi oval, creates a dynamic ligature reminiscent of movement. As if the comet is heading into the center of the semi oval. Directly below the Logo mark, is the word GimaSport as one single word, with capital G and capital S in Helvetica Black Italic. Both the mark and the type are dark blue.