Description for popup_gym.html- Gym at the Pavilion logo.

1) Gym at the Pavilion Logo = Large serif typography for the word Gym in upper and lower case Burgundy color. The font is what's known as "extended" which means it's wide and takes up more horizontal space. By example the capital G is almost round, rather than vertically oval. Below the word Gym, in smaller, gray colored capital letters, is the word AT to the left of the letter y decender, and the words THE PAVILION to the right of the decender and mostly under the letter m. For a logo mark above the letters y and m, is a human figure facing forward and reaching down with their right arm to touch the floor, with the left arm out straight. The right leg is straight and out to the side slightly while the left leg is slightly squatted. The figure is drawn with thick single paint strokes in dark gray, to create a non-gendered and abstract image of fitness.