Description for popup_hf.html- Hospitality Focus logo.

1) The mark is a burgundy colored oval, approximately a circle vertically squished down by 1/5. The outer edge is a thick outline, with the same size white outline just inside at the same thickness. On the main field of burgundy, two captital letters are stylized. Capital H with a capital F overlapping on top of the right vertical stroke of the H, creating a single character. The horizontal cross arm of the F extends across and past the cross arm of the H, creating a mirrored arm on the other side of the H. On the right side of the F cross arm, is a small dot. It sort of creates a sideways letter i. Underneath this oval and stylized letters, are the words Hospitality Focus, Inc. in medium gray serifed (Goudy old style) text. The staging of this text is below the oval on center. The size of text equals 1/2 the height of the oval for each capital letter (also known as X height - which simply means the tallest part of the letter).