Description for popup_ls02.html- Lifestreams logo.

1) Lifestreams Logo = six overlapping sheets, which are rectangles viewed from a 3/4 side view and upended on their bottom left corners. This creates six identical sized diamond like shapes with each sheet overlapping the next from left to right. They are horizontally aligned and equally spaced approximately 1/3 of a sheet height from each other. On the far left, the first sheet is medium green, followed by the next sheet in warm yellow, the next orange, then red, light purple and finally dark blue. The stacked effect creates a simplified rainbow of color. Starting at left edge of the first green sheet and ending at right edge of the final blue sheet is a single sine wave crossing horizontally over the top of the diamonds. This stroke looks like a sideways letter S, so the top of the S would be on the right side. The start of the sine on the left begins in the middle (on the corner of sheet number one), dips slightly, raises equally and ends symmetrically on the other side (on the corner of sheet number six). This line starts as a point, widens to the width of space between sheets and ends as a point. The overall effect is multiple colored sheets lined up in row, connected by a wave (or stream). To add dimension, there is s light drop shadow below the diamonds. Directly below this mark, in Black weight Helvetica is the word Lifestreams.