Description for popup_rav15.html- Raven logo.

1) Square logo with slightly radius round corners. Field is warm orange gradiation at top to lighter warm yellow at bottom. Thin black stroke outlined border around this entire shape. Profile of stylized bird profile with neck on left edge (from 11 o'clock down to 7 o'clock) of square shape and beak slightly extending beyond the border on upper right (at around 1 o'clock). The shape of the bird is a bent cone. It is predominantly black, with a zig zag highlight of white along the top edge (sort of a lightening bolt shape with 6 points along top and bottom), a beedy black eye near the center top is outlined with thin white border, a blue highlight with gradiant along the bottom neckline up to the beak. The beak is white with slight rounded shadowing at edges for dimension. Entire bird bust has soft drop shadow for further dimension up and away from the background just slightly.

After the Raven head mark, the word RAVEN in black, large capital letters (Futura regular font), with much smaller type underneath in gray capital letters the words POWERED BY ZOUNDRY are tucked up to the name from the V over to N in RAVEN.