Description for popup_Bit15.html- BitSoda logo.

1) Bitsoda Logo = Top view of a bottle cap (with corrugated edges pointing downward, but visible from top as they flair out slightly). Bottle cap is aqua color with a large horizontal aqua band across a darker blue background. Along top arc at the edge of bottle cap the word EFFERVESCENT is in small capital letters in light blue on the upper slice of dark blue background. Next is the word Bit colored as white, in an old fashioned bold script font with a large script B and a small 5 pointed star replacing the dot above the letter i. Taking up the lower half of the horizontal aqua band, is the word Soda in upper and lower case. The letters appear happy as each letter is on a different baseline (staggered), the font is a broad stroked, serif font in light aqua, and appears to be embossed (dimensional), with a light source from the upper left and a slight dropshadow. Below the word Soda on the middle aqua band is the final darker background blue. In this area, is seven light blue spherical bubbles of various sizes, distributed randomly for balance. This overall image was given dimension with a slight drop shadow and highlights on the light source edge of the upper left to simulate a painted metal bottlecap. The view from the top, accents all the classic corrugations along the edge of a bottlecap giving it multi-pointed (21 total) star effect.