Description for popup_papertrend - Papertrend Logo and Papertrend Plus logo.

1) Original Papertrends Logo = black square with upper right hand corner peeled back showing white on the fold part and gray underneath. This folded white corner points to the exact center of original square.This creates two triangles within a smaller square divided along a 45° diagonal. On the original black square, there is a bold, bright red lower case letter p, which butts along the left edge with it's decending stroke at the bottom edge. The height of the letter is just over half of the black square, which balances against the white triangle. A dotted line arcs up from the bottom center of the square and to the right of the letter p. Where it hits the folded over white corner, it creates the illusion of a pointing arrow with a curved dotted line. Immediately to the right and separate from this square logo mark, is the word paper in lowercase bold Helvetica sans serif, and the word trends in regular weight Helvetica sans serif, running together to create one long word, papertrends. The height of the lowercase p is 2/3 the height of the original square mark. This allows the word papertrends, to have most of it's weight balanced between boldness and ascending (t and d) and descending (p) characters.

2) New Papertrends Plus Logo = the same treatment as above, with the addition (pun intended) of a numerical black plus sign which sits on top of the gray triangle in the upper right hand corner. This plus sign extends beyond the triangle by the width of the Plus sign "arms." This overhang was important, because the icon would be used at sizes ranging from 48 to 16 pixels. We tried keeping the plus confined within the gray triangle, but it could not hold up at small sizes.

3) Finally, the large logo mark square symbol itself (without the attendant papertrends text). This large sample has added dimension and looks raised off the page with smooth, rounded sides. A light source in the upper left creates sides that are darker on the right and bottom edges. Reflective highlights across the center section give the illusion of shiny plastic. Finally the plus sign appears to float on top of the gray triangle slightly, with a gray drop shadow immediately below it.