This was for a non-profit that would benefit homeless volunteers that bake bread.
Software development specializing in App Store applications for the Mac platform. 
Client  specifically wanted a funky retro style that would also fit the 
Mac blue plastic look of the time period.

This became a publishing and media company specializing in Programming Training books

Logo for tire company brand - concept not used as Dayton company was absorbed.
Logo -  Internal company program for learning and development
Retail brand concept for cosmetics
Mock up for retail line of skin products.

Software for managing multiple blogs
Embroidery company and sports apparel 
Original logo for Mirror Worlds Technologies
2012 Book Cover design.
Page layout for 408 pages in Adobe InDesign. 
Over 100 interior full color illustrations.

Internal IT logo for promotional and limited collateral in the house

Stacked version

Monochromatic version of a logo for a conservation group in Seattle area

Pro bono logo for a theatrical and arts group based in Jacksonville, Florida

Logo with Tag line for limited usage

Detail — for usage on T-shirts

Original logo That I suggested needed a redesign to match a new website launch

Re-designed update 2022
website =
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